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The Institute has an excellent library resource base in the field of Agricultural Statistics, Computer Applications and allied fields to support teaching, research and consultancy in the relevant areas.This is a referral library in Agricultural Statistics and Computer Application in the whole country.

Catalogue of its resources have been Bar-Coded & Computerised. Library is also providing Computerised Circulation with Bar-Coded Electronic Membership Cards. It has developed its OPAC (On-line Public Access Catalogue) for use in the IASRI premises to search for bibliographical details of documents and its availability as well as on-line reservation of document(s).

 New Arrivals 

  • textbook of economic theory
    by Stonier, A.W.
  • Ahankar
    by Prem Chand
  • Bagh Prabandh
    by Mishara, K.K.
  • Phal Vighan
    by Pathak R.K.
  • Baghwani kaise karen
    by Yadav,Satendra
  • sabji vighan
    by Premnath
  • Krishi vipdan
    by Mehta, Prakesh
  • Bharat main krishi ka swaroop.
    by Bharti, Ram Prasad
  • Masalo ki kheti
    by Sharma, R. K.
  • Bhrat main Angoor
    by Chohan, karan Singh
  • Jadi Butiyon ki kheti
    by Chandra,Veerendra
  • Jadi Bution Ki Kheti
    by Chandra, Veerendra
  • Yogasan
    by Narang, Pryinka
  • Yog Shikcha
    by Balyan, Yogendra
  • Yoga Kala
    by Sharma, Sunita
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